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RHINOTUFF Tubular Sky Lighting Technology harnesses Solar Energy to naturally illuminate large and small living and work spaces.

Adding a Skylight Tube is a cost effective way of introducing natural light to areas that are dark and dingy and need to be illuminated.

RHINOTUFF Skylight Tubes provide a sleek appearance to the roofline. Their pre-fabricated components can easily and quickly be installed and that too over any kind of roof.

We offer customized natural lighting solutions. In fact, the choice of the type and size of Skylight Tube is guided by the natural lighting requirement of each individual or entity.

RHINOTUFF Skylight Tubes help individuals, small businesses and large corporations save significant sums of money meant for artificial lighting. They are economical to purchase and to use. They prove to be cost effective in the long run and have a very short payback period.

RHINOTUFF Skylight Tubes help create a conducive, productive and congenial work environment and thereby reduce costs. In Factories, they help improve labour productivity and output. In offices and commercial establishments, they help people perform better at work. At homes, they improve the overall health, wellbeing and standard of living of families.

By reducing our dependence on conventional coal based sources of energy for artificial light, RHINOTUFF Products are helping reduce green house gas emissions and thereby helping control climate change.  In a very small way, they are contributing to global energy conservation efforts. They are also contributing towards India’s objectives of attaining self sufficiency and self reliance in fulfilling its enormous and ever growing energy requirements.

RHINOTUFF Skylight Tubes by promoting the use of clean energy is doing its bit to try and create a bright and sustainable future for all.



RHINOTUFF Tubular Sky Lighting Systems use breakthrough optical technology to pipe pure natural light indoors.

From dawn to dusk, skylight is captured and concentrated by the Light Capture Dome Lens and transmitted through a highly Reflective Tube towards the Diffuser Lens. The concentrated light is then diffused, scattered and evenly spread using the Diffuser Lens, which is fixed over the tail end of the Reflective Tube.




  • RHINOTUFF Skylight Tubes consist of the following four major Components:
  • RHINOTUFF U.V. Coated Polycarbonate (PC) Light Capture Dome Lens
  • RHINOTUFF Plastic Mounting Adapter (Roof Flashings)
  • RHINOTUFF Reflective Tube
  • RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate (PC.) or Poly Styrene (P.S.) Diffuser


RHINOTUFF LIGHT CAPTURE DOME LENS : The proprietary hemi-spherical shaped and transparent Light Capture Dome Lens made out of fully virgin, U.V. stable and U.V. Coated Polycarbonate (PC) captures and concentrates maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day and deflects it into the Reflective Tube underneath. 

The Light Capture Dome Lens is about 90% transparent which allows large amounts of sunlight to transmit it.

The Light Capture Dome Lens is provided with a 30 micron thick U.V. Coating which  blocks close to 99 % U.V. Radiation (A&B) and has a yellowness index of < 1. As a result, it does not degenerate- become yellow and brittle for long. This ensures that quality of natural light remains consistent and as expected throughout.

The Light Capture Dome Lens is formed using 2.0 MM or 3.0 MM thick 100% virgin Polycarbonate Material.

The Light Capture Dome Lens owing to its material of construction and advanced manufacturing process exhibits excellent mechanical and physical properties and impact resistance in particular. They do not break, deform, crack or rupture due to heavy loads or high impact. They have a high Impact Resistance of 800 J/M (IZOD NOTCHED). 

The Light Capture Dome Lens is kept upright and perpendicular to the ground on sloped roofs using the Mounting Adapter, which has a differential height.

It can be provided with a Fresnel Lens on its inside surface, which enables it to collect and concentrate light striking its surface at low angles and then deflect it into the Tube. The Lens captures and concentrates large amount of light even in overcast conditions and during winters. The Light Capture Dome Lens is provided with a special coating which rejects the Infra Red (I.R.) of Sunlight.

Our Light Capture Dome Lens:   


  • Captures and re-directs low-angle sunlight
  • Provides consistent sky light through the day even during wet weather and overcast conditions
  • Rejects overpowering summer mid-day sunlight


RHINOTUFF PLASTIC MOUNTING ADAPTER :  The Mounting Adapter is manufactured using U.V. stabilized Fibreglass (F.R.P.),  or Polycarbonate (PC), which is a Thermoplastic.

The Light Capture Dome Lens is mounted over the Mounting Adapter (also called as the Roof Flashings), whereas the Reflective Tube is fitted within it. The differential height of the Mounting Adapter (at corresponding points on its neck) keeps the Light Capture Dome Lens upright and perpendicular to the ground over sloped roofs and thereby improving its operational performance and efficiency.

The Mounting Adapter has a 75 MM deep mounting circular neck over which the Light Capture Dome Lens is mounted and fastened.    

The Flat Plate of the Mounting Adapter can be plain, corrugated or profiled so as make it compatible with the roofing material over which the RHINOTUFF Skylight Tube has to be installed.

Ideally, the Plate has to be  plain when the Skylight Tube has to be installed over plain roofs. In case they have to be installed over profiled or corrugated sheets, the Plate too is manufactured in a matching corrugation or profile. Profiled or Corrugated Mounting Adapters, in a matching profile/ corrugation offer the flexibility of installing RHINOTUFF Skylight Tubes anywhere on the roof. They also ensure easy, hassle free and leakage proof installation at sites.  

For use over industrial sheds and warehouses, which are covered using roofing sheets, the length of the Mounting Adapter is such that they can be easily made to rest over steel purlins underneath and are then fastened over them. Their length is generally more than the c/c distance of the steel purlins by close to 1.0 Ft. (12 Inches) for adequate joint overlapping and support.

The steel purlins firmly hold the Mounting Adapters and prevent them from getting dislodged or from blowing off especially during gusty winds. Further, they adequate sheet overlap (at the front and rear) ensure that do not leak even during heavy downpour even if the roof slope is less than what is desirable.   

The drainage mechanism of the Mounting Adapter ensures rapid drainage of rain water from over it and thereby preventing leakages of rain water.  

The Mounting Adapter is mechanically quite strong, impact resistant, light weight and weather proof and are therefore suited for use in open exposed environments. They can also be made high temperature resistant, anti-corrosive and flame retardant, if the application so demands.


1.67 Mtr. (5.50 Ft.) x 1.07 Mtr. (3.50 Ft.) (recommended where Purlins are at a c/c distance of 1.22 Mtr. (4.0 Ft.)

1.82 Mtr. (6.00 Ft.) x 1.07 Mtr. (3.50 Ft.) (recommended where Purlins are at a c/c distance of 1.52 Mtr. (5.0 Ft.)

The standard thickness of the Mounting Adapter is 2.0 / 3.0 MM 

RHINOTUFF REFLECTIVE TUBE : The Reflective Tube is snugly fitted within the Mounting Adapter, whereas the Diffuser is fixed at its tail end of the Reflective Tube.

As its name suggests, the Tube is reflective and deflects large amounts of natural light towards the Diffuser. The light bounces off the shiny inner surface of the Reflective Tube to reach the Diffuser below. About 98% of the sunlight captured through the Dome Lens is successfully delivered to the Diffuser through the Tube.      

The Tubes are manufactured using the most reflective material and are available in a standard length of 4.0 Ft. The tubes can be joined together to achieve the required length. Elbows and Bends can are fixed along with the tubes to alter the direction of the tube so to avoid obstructions or to reach the desired location.  

It comes in a thickness of not less than 0.50 MM. The static air column blocks the transfer of heat as well as sound into the building and improves the thermal and acoustic insulation properties of the Skylight Tube.  

RHINOTUFF LIGHT DIFFUSER : The Diffuser, which is made out of 100% virgin and U.V. Coated Polycarbonate (PC) or Poly Styrene (PS) helps diffuse, scatter and uniformly spread concentrated sunlight over a relatively large floor area. The diffuser helps avoids a glare of sunlight, which can be bothersome to many. 

It helps spread light evenly and uniformly and that too over a relatively large floor area. The natural light invariably reaches every corner of the floor, if the size, specification and number of the RHINOTUFF Skylight Tubes, is as required.   

The Diffusers- plain or hemi-spherical is fastened over the tail end of the Reflective Tube.  Its size depends upon the size of the light Lens & Tube over them. They are provided with a white coloured Diffuser Ring in Fibreglass (F.R.P.).  




  • Mechanically strong and dimensionally stable 
  • Impact resistant- do not break, crack, deform or rupture due to heavy loads or high impact
  • Light weight and easy to transport and handle
  • U.V. stabilized and U.V. coated for excellent weather protection
  • Suited for extreme climatic conditions
  • Safe and secure to use
  • Storm and leakage proof
  • Highly effective
  • Serves as good thermal insulation material and does not transfer solar heat to the place of installation
  • High service temperature of up to 120°C (short period) and up to 90°C (long period)    
  • Light transmission (LT.) Levels ranging from as low as 20% to as high as 90%, depending on the type of material used
  • Customized and controlled lighting 
  • Fully Automated Lighting System- Skylight Tubes can be seamlessly integrated with artificial sources of light such as sensors fitted LEDs and dimmers using LUX Sensors to control and regulate the quantity of light through the day. 
  • Artificial sources of light such as LEDs can be fitted within the Skylight Tubes. The LEDs can be switched on during the nights for light       
  • Maintenance free
  • Easily repairable in case of an accidental damage using RHINOTUFF Solvents
  • Highly durable
  • Warranted performance
  • Easy to wash and clean using detergents  
  • Cost effective
  • Economical to use and have a relatively short payback period
  • Adaptable to most roofs - can be fixed over shingles, concrete roofs, sloped sheds or any other type of roof  
  • Easy to install
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Environment friendly





  1. Well lit spaces
  2. Optimum natural illumination
  3. Customized natural lighting
  4. Significant power saving
  5. Reduces dependence on conventional sources of artificial light
  6. Creates a healthy and congenial work environment
  7. Reduces cost by improving performance of personnel
  8. Improves health and standard of living
  9. Short payback period
  10. Attractive return on investment
  11. Improves energy efficiency
  12. Attractive return on investment
  13. Conserves power
  14. Uses clean energy  
  15. Qualifies for IGBC, GRIHA & LEED Credit Ratings





  • LENS- U.V. Coated Polycarbonate (PC) or Acrylic
  • TUBES- Highly Reflective Aluminium or Stainless Steel (S.S)
  • MOUNTING ADAPTER- U.V. Stable Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (F.R.P.) or Polycarbonate (P.C.)  
  • DIFFUSER- Super Glow, Diamond Edged, Prismatic Micro Lens & Soft White





  • Industrial sheds
  • Warehouses and godowns
  • Production utility areas such as generator room, compressor rooms, paint shops, boilers etc.
  • Packing halls
  • Commercial buildings such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, schools, hospitals and dispensaries, museums, shopping malls, multiplexes, amusement parks etc.  
  • Infrastructure facilities such as railway stations, metro depots, shipyards, ports, airports, aircraft hangers, underpasses etc.   
  • Defence establishments such as naval bases, naval dockyards, air force stations, army shelters, ammunition depots etc.
  • Residential bungalows
  • Any other place where natural light is required


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