RHINOTUFF Roof Extractors are fixed over industrial as well as commercial roofs and are used for forced ventilation in the place of their installation. 

They consist of an impeller- an Aerofoil Designed Aluminium Casted Fan, which is powered by an electric motor. The aero foil design of the Aluminium Blades helps improve their operational efficiency and performance. The Impeller which is balanced- both statically and dynamically, is fitted within a painted or powder coated cylindrical shaped M.S. Casing of an appropriate diameter size and is connected to an electric motor. Each of the Aluminium Blades can be adjusted to control and regulate the air flow.    
The impeller is covered at the top using a metallic cowl to protect it from rain water. A steel mesh, which is welded on the inside surface of the cowl helps keep birds and insects away. RHINOTUFF Roof Extractors are generally fastened over a Plastic Base Plates (also called as the Roof Adapters), which can be manufactured in a profile / corrugation matching with that of the roof sheets. The Plastic Base Plates ensure leakage proof and hassle free installation at sites, while allowing the freedom of mounting the Roof Extractor anywhere on the roof and not just at the ridge top.   
RHINOTUFF Roof Extractors can easily be fixed over flat or sloped roofs. They continuously exhaust hot air, gases, fumes, smoke and dust at a constant rate and have an exhaust capacity of up to 10000 C.F.M.  
They are capable of withstanding a high wind speed and are guaranteed against leakage of rain water. In addition, these are highly effective, mechanically strong, impact resistant, relatively light weight, weather and storm proof, maintenance free, easily repairable, easy to install, adaptable to any roof and are economical to use.
RHINOTUFF Roof Extractors Ventilators commonly find use in process based industries, where there is a requirement for continuous ventilation and that too at a constant rate.   


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