It is time to say goodbye to the dark and dingy spaces and to welcome sunshine in all its glory using RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Skylight Sheets.

RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Skylight Sheets are revolutionary. They are unique and have created quite a buzz ever since their recent introduction.

RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets are manufactured through the most advanced plastic processing technology available today and are rigorously tested before they reach the intended users.

RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets do not break, rupture, crack or deform. True to their name, they are tough to the core and come with a warranty of 10 years and have a long service life of over 15 years!

RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Skylight Sheets are available in a wide range of corrugations and profiles and can be used over roofs or in the side wall claddings.

RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Profiled Skylight Sheets prove to be a viable alternative to ordinary and fragile Polycarbonate Profiled Sheets, which are manufactured over sheet press brakes by forcefully bending them.

They outclass conventional press bent polycarbonate profiled sheets in terms of design features, strength, sturdiness, performance and durability.

RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Skylight Sheets deliver excellent value to their patrons. The proud users of RHINOTUFF can enjoy the benefits of sunshine for many years without any worry.

They help save significant amounts of financial resources meant for artificial lighting. They are economical to procure and use. They offer good returns and have a short payback period.

RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets help create a conducive, productive and congenial work environment and thereby reduce costs. In factories, they help improve labour productivity and output. In offices and commercial establishments, they help people perform better at work. At homes, they improve the overall health, wellbeing and standard of living of families. 

By reducing our dependence on conventional coal based sources of energy for artificial light, RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets are helping reduce green house gas emissions and thereby helping control climate change.  In a very small way, they are contributing to global energy conservation efforts.

No wonder large and reputed architectural firms, project consultants, government enterprises and manufacturing companies are increasingly turning to RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Skylight Sheets to execute world class projects.

So what are you waiting for? Order your RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets today and reap the rich benefits of beautiful sunshine.


If you are fed up with your Skylight Sheets breaking frequently then RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets is just the right Product for you.  

RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Skylight Sheets are the worthy and long anticipated outcome of years of dedicated effort and innovative thinking backed by high end technology and engineering expertise.  

Broadly, RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets are special because of the following:


  • Manufacturing process
  • Physical & mechanical properties
  • U.V. protection
  • Design features
  • Dimensional accuracy and precision
  • Adaptability
  • Easy repairability
  • Warranted performance


MANUFACTURING PROCESS : Their Production Process is such that the unique and inherent superior engineering properties of Polycarbonate (PC) are effectively retained for the benefit of the users of RHINOTUFF PC Skylight Sheets.   

PHYSICAL & MECHANICAL PROPERTIES : RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets are strong and sturdy. These Sheets are tough to the core and exhibit exemplary mechanical and physical properties.

They do not crack, deform or rupture due to heavy loads or high impact due to factors such as hailstones.

For more information, please refer the Table on Physical and Mechanical Properties.

U.V. PROTECTION: The U.V. Coating over RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets ensures that they do not yellow and become brittle due to exposure to harmful U.V. Rays of Sun for long spells. These Sheets last much longer in open exposed conditions.

As a result, you enjoy beautiful and consistent soft natural light for many years without having to worry about them changing colour or breaking.   

EXCLUSIVE DESIGN FEATURES : RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Profiled Skylights are provided with unique design features, which help them stand out. Mini-Ribs in the valley in between crests add to their overall mechanical & physical strength, whereas the Anti-Capillary prevents leakage of rain water during incessant rains.

These Design Features are exclusive to RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Profiled Skylight Sheets and cannot be made available in ordinary bent Polycarbonate Sheets, which are manufactured over conventional sheet press brakes. 

DIMENSIONAL ACCURACY & PRECISION : Has your roof leaked due to dimensional inaccuracies and variation in your skylight sheets or due to a mismatch in profile or corrugation Well, not any more. 

We understand the importance of matching the profile or corrugation of our PC Skylights with that of your other sheets for hassle free and leakage proof installation. That is why we make sure that the profile and corrugation of our RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets exactly with that of your other roofing material.

The quality of all our production moulds along with the nature of the manufacturing process and rigorous quality  control checks ensure that all the crests are uniform and are in exactly the same size – across the length and width.

Unlike ordinary Polycarbonate Profiled Sheets, their profile precisely matches with that of the other coloured roofing sheets and thereby ensuring easy, hassle free and leakage proof installation at sites.

ADAPTABILITY : RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets can be profiled or corrugated and can be fixed over any kind of roofs covered using roofing sheets.

They can be manufactured in any profile or corrugation exactly matching with that of the other roofing sheets to ensure proper, hassle free and leakage proof installation at sites.

For more information regarding the available profiles and corrugation patterns, please refer the Section on Standard Profiles and Corrugations.  

EASY REPAIRABILITY:  RHINOTUFF Sheets can easily and quickly be repaired at sites using RHINOTUFF Solvents in case of an accidental damage.

The process of repairing the Sheets is such that post repair, they continue to perform satisfactorily without any hassles, trouble or inconvenience for their remaining life.

The damaged Sheets are given a fresh lease of life and are as good as new. Accidental damage therefore does not negatively impact the durability or longevity of the RHINOTUFF Sheets.  

05 YEAR WARRANTY : The RHINOSTAR Series of RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Skylight Sheets come with a 05 year warranty against fading, decolouring and any kind of manufacturing defect and are expected to last for at least 15 years. 




  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent physical properties
  • Exemplary impact resistance
  • Dimensional accuracy and precision
  • Exclusive design features
  • Light weight and easy to handle & install
  • U.V. Coated to resist weather
  • Excellent optical properties. Light Transmission (LT) levels ranging from as low as 20% to as high as 90%
  • Fairly good thermal insulation properties
  • A wide service temperature range of up to a maximum 120 °C (short period)      
  • Can be made fire resistant, if need be 
  • Can be made available in several profiles & corrugations
  • Can be made available in any length of up to 22 Ft. and in a width of up to 4.0 Ft.
  • Can be up to 8.0 MM thick
  • A wide range of colours to choose from
  • Easily & fully repairable in case of an accidental damage using RHINOTUFF Speciality Chemicals
  • Warranty of up to 05 years and an expected service life of over 15 years
  • Excellent value for money
  • Short payback period
  • Help conserve precious power and are good for the environment




  • Bountiful natural light
  • Optimum lighting
  • Trouble free & un-interrupted performance
  • Economical to use as it helps save precious resources meant for artificial lighting
  • Helps create a congenial and productive work environment
  • Improves health and well being
  • Reduces dependence on artificial sources of lighting  
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Environment friendly
  • Warranted performance
  • Relatively short payback period
  • Cost effective
  • Attractive returns
  • Value for money





  • STt - Percentage expression of Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
  • VISIBLE LIGHT RADIATION - The portion of light spectrum wavelength of which ranges from 400 nm to 700 nm
  • %LIGHT TRANSMISSION (%LT) - Percentage of incident visible light that passes through an object
  • %LIGHT REFLECTION (%LR) - Percentage of incident visible light that strikes an object and returns as visible light
  • %LIGHT ABSORPTION (%LA) - Percentage of incident visible light that strikes an object and is absorbed by it
  • SOLAR RADIATION - The solar spectrum ranging from 300nm to 2400 nm. Included are UV, Visible & NIR Radiation
  • % DIRECT SOLAR TRANSMISSION - Percentage of incident solar radiation which transfers directly through an object
  • % SOLAR REFLECTION - Percentage of incident solar radiation that strikes an object and is then reflected
  • %SOLAR ABSORPTION - Percentage of incident solar radiation that strikes an object and is absorbed by it
  • TOTAL SOLAR TRANSMISSION (%STt) - The percentage of incident solar radiation transmitted by an object which includes the direct solar transmission plus the part of the solar absorption reradiated inward  
  • TOTAL SOLAR REFLECTION (%SRt) - The percent of incident solar radiation reflected by an object, which includes the solar reflectance plus the part of solar absorption reradiated outwards
  • SHADING COEFFICIENT - The ratio of total solar radiation transmitted by a given material to that transmitted by normal glass, whose light transmission is 87%




RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Skylight Sheets have diverse applications.  In fact, they can be used wherever there is a requirement for natural light. They commonly find use in:


  • Industrial sheds
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops and service centres
  • Greenhouses
  • Infrastructure facilities such as railway stations, airports, shipyards, ports, stadiums, bus shelters, bus depots, skywalks, foot over bridges etc.
  • Defence establishments such as army camps, ammunition depots, naval dockyards, air force hangars and stations
  • Commercial buildings such as offices, hotels, educational institutions, hospitals and dispensaries, shopping malls, multiplexes etc
  • Awnings
  • Residential areas such as pergolas, canopies, patios, sunrooms etc.
  • Any other place where natural light is needed




  • Store them on a flat surface and in a well-protected and shaded area far from sunlight. Storage in the open may lead to distortion due to a build up of heat
  • Keep them dry and away from moisture. Excessive exposure to moisture may turn them white in colour as they may absorb moisture.
  • Keep them away from excessive heat, chemicals, solvents, corrosive and reactive gases and fumes and sealants such as loosely packed silicone 
  • They can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft sponge as and when needed
  • Improper storage and handling may nullify and render the warranty on the RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets void




  • Installing RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets is easy. Carefully follow the following instruction while installing your RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets.
  • Ensure that your roof pitch is at least 5° i.e. 88 mm rise per lineal metre. This ensures adequate water runoff
  • Provide for ventilation particularly at the ridge to minimize accumulation of hot air and to ensure adequate air circulation. Adequate ventilation mitigates the possibility of droplets forming over the Sheets inside surface due to condensation especially during winters
  • Avoid using a grinder to cut RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets as excessive heat generated due to friction may soften or even melt their edges during installation. It is advised that they be cut using a pair of shears, a fine toothed handsaw or a circular saw with a cut off blade
  • Drill holes in a dia size more than that of the screws to provide for their thermal expansion and contraction. Not doing so may lead to buckling that may adversely impact their performance            
  • Avoid use of sealing agents such silicone which restricts their thermal movements of the and thereby negatively impacting their performance. Butyl Tapes can be used for waterproofing, if need be
  • Use Hex Head Screws - 55 MM long x 12 gauge thick (with 14 threads per inch). The screws should be provided with weather proof EPDM Rubber Washers
  • Purlin spacing should be as recommended in the previous sections
  • Lay the lower rung sheets first. Slide laps should always be kept away from the direction of the wind. Overhangs should not exceed 100mm especially where there is a likely hood of wind gusts
  • Avoid excessive tightening of fasteners
  • The screws should be mechanically plated to comply with 3566 Class 3
  • Faulty installation may nullify the warranty on the sheets and may render it void




  • Always exercise extreme caution while working over roofs
  • Never walk directly on RHINOTUFF Skylights or any other Skylight Sheets. Use a board placed across at least 3 purlins to evenly and adequate spread the load
  • Use safety nets when the Polycarbonate Sheets are being installed at a height of more than 6.0 meters (20 Ft.)
  • Be equipped with quality safety equipment such as full body harness, helmets and hand gloves
  • Wear protective eye wear while cutting the sheets
  • Please call us, if you would like us to install your RHINOTUFF Skylight Sheets. As always,  we shall be happy to help.


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