Our Team

The Firm is managed by a team of hardcore professionals, where, Managerial Principles are rigorously followed so as to help bring about greater efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in operational activities.

Managing Director Mr. Saneer Anand

The Management has been structured in such a way that the Top Management, comprising of our Managing Director Mr. Saneer Anand, who is a M.B.A. by profession is entrusted with the more important task of corporate planning, drawing up growth strategies and addressing matters of strategic importance to the business on a regular and continuous basis.

Mr. Saneer Anand is also incharge of business development. He is ably supported and advised by Mr. Pranab Chakraborty (Projects Manager & Market in Strategist) who is a technocrat of great eminence.

General Manager Ms. Nidhi Ohri

Day to day operations of the organization are looked after by our General Manager Ms. Nidhi Ohri, a Management Graduate, by profession who is a dynamic young entrepreneur with an outstanding zeal and commitment to excel in any given assignment.

She is ably supported by a team of professionals to look after the management of Human Resources, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Research & Development activities as well as P.P.I.C. (Production Planning & Inventory Control) as well as Finance.

The Company has a regular work force comprising of supervisors, skilled technicians and trained helpers, besides Electricians, Mechanical and Security personnel. This work force is supplemented by casual personnel for which we have standing arrangements with labor contractors of proven credentials in the past.


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