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RHINOTUFF Turbo Ventilator01-01-1900


RHINOTUFF Turbo Ventilators are fixed over roof tops and are used for natural ventilation in the place of installation.

They work on outside wind as well as temperature and pressure differential and are highly effective. They provide and facilitate wind and buoyancy driven natural ventilation. 

RHINOTUFF Turbo Ventilators help exhaust heat, smoke, gases, fumes, dust particles and vapour from inside the building naturally.

They work on wind and do not consume any power. They comprise of the following two Components:


  • Turbo Ventilator Fans
  • Base Frames


The Base Frames are used for mounting of the Turbo Fans over them.

The Turbo Ventilator Fans can be made available in Aluminium (AL.), Stainless Steel (S.S.) or a combination of both Aluminium & Stainless Steel. 

The Base Frames can be made available in Fibreglass (F.R.P.), Polycarbonate (PC), Aluminium (AL.) or Stainless Steel (S.S.). They can be plain or in a corrugation / profile matching with that of the roofing sheets. All the variants of Base Frames have a relatively large opening at their base to facilitate rapid exhaust of inside hot air. 

The Fibreglass and Polycarbonate Base Frames are largely transparent and allow natural light to pass through them and thereby provide natural illumination in the place of installation, where as the Aluminium & S.S. Base Frames are opaque and do not allow natural light in.    

RHINOTUFF Turbo Ventilator Fans are available in a standard throat diameter size of 21’’ (530 MM) and 24’’ (600 MM). The 21’’ Turbo Ventilators which have a total of 36 nos. of Fins have an exhaust capacity of up to 2500 C.F.M., where as the 24’’ Turbo Ventilators have a total of 42 nos. of Fins and have a maximum exhaust capacity of 2700 C.F.M. The exhaust capacity of Turbo Ventilators depends on the installation height, wind speed and the temperature inside the building.

Salient features:


  1. Mechanically strong
  2. Impact resistant 
  3. Light weight
  4. Weather resistant
  5. Storm proof
  6. Leakage proof
  7. Noise free
  8. Maintenance free
  9. Easily repairable
  10. Adaptable to any kind of roof
  11. Easy to install
  12. Highly effective
  13. Environment friendly
  14. Value for money


Areas of Use:


  • Industrial sheds
  • Commercial buildings such as schools, colleges, hospitals, dispensaries, multiplexes, shopping malls, clubs etc.
  • Infrastructure facilities such as bus shelters, bus depots, metro stations, metro depots, railway stations, airports etc.
  • Defence establishments such as army camps, naval bases, air force stations, air force hangers, ammunition depots etc.
  • Residential accommodation
  • Any other place where natural ventilation is needed   


Benefits of Use:



  • Provides natural ventilation and illumination
  • Reduces inside temperature
  • Creates a congenial work environment
  • Improves labour productivity
  • Reduces the cost of upkeep of buildings
  • Increases the building’s life span
  • Economical to use
  • Environment friendly
  • Entitled to depreciation at an accelerated rate
  • Short pay-back period  




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