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RHINOTUFF Industrial Roof ventilators01-01-1900


As their name suggests, RHINOTUFF Industrial Roof Ventilators are fixed over industrial roofs and offer effective round the year natural ventilation in the place of installation and that too at no running cost.

These state of the art natural air ventilation systems harness the power of the wind to induce air flow through Centrifugal Action. The backward thrust caused by the spinning fins creates an area of low pressure around the Fan, which draws hot air from below and causes fresh outside air to come in through the various openings such as doors, windows, shutters in the building. In short, RHINOTUFF Industrial Roof Ventilators help improve the air change rate in the place of installation by exhausting inside hot stale air and facilitating the entrance of fresh cooler outside air.

RHINOTUFF Industrial Roof Ventilators create a conducive and productive work environment by improving the ventilation rate. As a result of improved ventilation there is a drop in the inside temperature too.

RHINOTUFF Industrial Roof Ventilators help remove smoke, gases, fumes, dust and heat from the place of installation.

They comprise of two major components- Fans & Base Frames. The Base Frames are used for fixing of the Fans above and can be made available in Polycarbonate (PC), Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (F.R.P.), Stainless Steel (S.S.) & Aluminium. The FRP & PC Variants are largely transparent, where as the Aluminium & S.S. Base Frames are not.  The Base Frames help create an air draft. They have a relatively large opening at their base to facilitate rapid exhaust of inside stale hot air. All the variants of Base Frames can be made available in a corrugation or profile matching with that of the roof sheets so as to ensure hassle free and leakage proof installation.     

RHINOTUFF Industrial Roof Ventilator Fans can be in Aluminium (AL.) or Stainless Steel (S.S.) or a combination of both Aluminium and Stainless Steel. The standard (throat diameter) sizes are 21’’ (530 MM) & 24’’ (600 MM). 

The maximum exhaust capacity of 600 MM dia Ventilators is 2700 C.F.M., where as it is 2500 C.F.M. in case of 530 MM dia Ventilators. The exhaust capacity of Industrial Ventilators varies depending on the height at which the Ventilators are installed, the temperature inside the building and the speed at which the wind blows.

They are highly effective, mechanically strong, impact resistant, light in weight, weather resistant, storm proof, noise free, leakage proof, maintenance free, easily repairable, easy to install, adaptable to most roofs, cost effective and are environment friendly.        

Benefits of Use:



  • Provides natural ventilation and illumination
  • Reduces inside temperature
  • Creates a congenial work environment
  • Improves labour productivity
  • Reduces the cost of upkeep of buildings
  • Increases the building’s life span
  • Economical to use
  • Environment friendly
  • Entitled to depreciation at an accelerated rate
  • Short pay-back period 



Areas of Use:


  • Industrial sheds
  • Commercial buildings such as schools, colleges, hospitals, dispensaries, multiplexes, shopping malls, clubs etc.
  • Infrastructure facilities such as bus shelters, bus depots, metro stations, metro depots, railway stations, airports etc.
  • Defence establishments such as army camps, naval bases, air force stations, air force hangers, ammunition depots etc.
  • Residential accommodations
  • Any other place where natural ventilation is needed   



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