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RHINOTUFF Air Ventilators01-01-1900

RHINOTUFF Air Ventilators are natural air ventilation systems. RHINOTUFF Air Ventilators exhaust large volumes of hot air even at relatively low wind speeds and have the highest exhaust capacity in their class.

They utilize the Kinetic Energy of wind to induce air flow through Centrifugal Action. The spinning fins of Air Ventilators draw and pull out hot air from below.
RHINOTUFF Air Ventilators naturally flush out heat, smoke, obnoxious industrial gases, corrosive and toxic fumes and vapour, dust particles. They improve the air circulation in buildings and thereby help create a conducive, healthy and productive work environment.  

Their exhaust capacity depends on the following 3 Factors: 

  • The Stack Height (the height at which the Air Ventilators are installed)
  • The temperature inside the building and the overall difference between the inside and outside temperature 
  • The wind velocity (the speed at which the wind blows)

The maximum the stack height, temperature difference and wind speed, the maximum is the exhaust capacity of the Air Ventilators. They can reach an exhaust capacity of up to 2700 C.F.M. depending on the above factors.   

RHINOTUFF Air Ventilators are capable of withstanding a high wind speed and are guaranteed against water ingression. They are mechanically quite strong, impact resistant, light weight, effective, weather and storm proof, noiseless, maintenance free, easy to install, adaptable to any kind of roof, economical to use and are environment friendly.   

RHINOTUFF Air Ventilators comprise of Ventilator Fans as well as Base Frames. The Fans are mounted on top of the Base Frames. The Base Frames are available in Fibreglass & Polycarbonate, both of which are largely transparent or in Aluminium or Stainless Steel, both of which are opaque.

RHINOTUFF Air Ventilators are generally available in three standard throat diameter sizes:

  • 21’’ (530 MM) (with 36 Fins) 
  • 24’’ (600 MM) (with 42 Fins) 
  • 22’’ (560 MM) (with 24 Fins)

The 21’’ & 24’’ Air Ventilators are manufactured using Aluminium (AL.) or Stainless Steel (S.S.) or a combination of Aluminium and Stainless Steel, depending on the customer requirement. The 22’’ Air Ventilators are manufactured using S.S. & Polypropylene (PP), which is a Thermoplastic. 

The total no. of RHINOTUFF Air Ventilators can be worked out by applying the below formula
N= 60 Q  x Y / Vol. 
N = Number of air changes reqd. per hour
Q = Volumetric flow rate of air in Cubic Feet Per Minute (C.F.M.) / Ventilator                                                                                                                   
Y= Total No. of Turbo Ventilators required.
Vol. = Volume of space (air) to be ventilated L × W × H, in Cubic Feet

RHINOTUFF Air Ventilators run on wind which is a natural and renewable source of energy. They therefore help conserve precious power meant for forced ventilation and contribute towards global efforts towards containing the growing menace of global warming by reducing green house gas emissions. 

RHINOTUFF Air Ventilators find use wherever there is a requirement for natural ventilation. They have wide ranging commercial and industrial applications. They can be used is residential, commercial and industrial buildings.    

A growing number of project consultants, architectural firms, building and construction companies, OEMs and government enterprises use RHINOTUFF Air Ventilators to fulfil their natural ventilation requirements.


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